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Popular opinion to the contrary, Christian humor is not an Oxymoron

Bible Riddles
Questions and answers about the Bible with a humorous twist to test your humor, if not your knowledge. I bet you won't get them all ...

666: Some Beastly Numbers

Christmas and Hanukkah to Merge

Why Does It Always Seem To Rain on the Weekends?

Grandma Sent a Letter to her Friends
Honk if you Love Jesus!

What the Bible Has to Say about Sex and Gender: It's the Coffee, Stupid

Political Humor: George Bush is a Saint

Three Good Arguments That Jesus Was a Woman, a Black Woman, an Italian .... or whatever.

The Jewish Samurai

Valentine's Day Humor: To the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Christian Humor: An Oxymoron?
An article tracing the connection between humor and faith from the Bible to the twenty-first century.

Breaking News -- Bill Gates Encounters God
Not since the conversion of the Emperor Constantine has one man's discovery of God had greater consequences. Read all about it!

The Biblical Concept of Marriage: Warning, Some Revisions Necessary
The recent uproar about gay marriage has resulted in a stampede of support for a "biblical definition" of marriage, and a constitutional amendment to encode such into the highest law of the land. As my mother used to say, "You should look before you leap." Let's consider what such a constitutional amendment might contain.

Speeder Fanagles Way Out of Ticket: A Parable for Our Time

Message from God: You've Won a Million Dollars
A short lesson, from a theological perspective, on the time value of money. Or, don't count your millions before they hatch.

Breaking News. Christmas and Hanukkah to Merge!

No Joke Department -- These are real news stories

The Catwalk Finds God
It used to be that cutting edge work for aspiring young ministers was to go out into a mission field that included difficult assignment to a third world country, an inner city church, or the front lines of the peace movement. Perhaps hospital chaplaincy or ministry in a nursing home. Apparently a new generation of clergy, at least in the Church of England, has a better idea?

Clergy on A Cat Walk
Former James Bond girl, Shannon Ledbetter, leads clergy on the catwalk. Did the entry of women into the ministry provoke a "Fashion Revival" in the Church of Jesus Christ? No joke. Check out the breaking news story.

The World's First Inflatable Church
Have you ever thought that the church was full of hot air? This one really is.


The Ship of Fools Best of the Net
One of the best Christian satire sites.

Christian Comics International
The world's largest resource for those involved with or interested in Christian comics and related humor.

Jesus of the Week Best of the Net
Check back regularly for the latest humor from this terrific satirical take on superficial "Christian" art.

Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua
Somewhat more light-hearted, John Futterman's wonderful site weaves a profound sense of humor with genuine theological insight.

These pages live up to their billing: "good, clean, religious humor." If you're looking for a steady source of jokes suitable for almost any audience, this is the place to go!

Graceland's Bag-o-laughs
Why are the Canadians having all the fun? Another clergy person from Canada who might tickle your funny bone while sneaking in a serious lesson or two.

Reverend Fun
The people at the Gospel Communications Network provide a cartoon for every season, featuring the antics of Reverend Fun.


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