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GodWeb FAQ

Who Is Jesus Christ? Son of God? Messiah? Prophet? Teacher? What?
Calling Jesus the "Son of God" is understood to be the distinguishing affirmation of the Christian faith. Yet within the wider family of faith there is a range of opinion about what this title actually means. There is sharp disagreement over the identity of Jesus. In search of the answers, I take a closer look at the most widely used title, Son of God.

Can Christians Alone Be Saved?
"I am the way, the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father but by me," said Jesus. Does this mean that only Christians can be saved?

What is the Trinity?
The Trinity is one of the important doctrines of classical Christian theology in which God is depicted as being manifest in three persons: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three persons, but one God. Many find this doctrine confusing. Here's a simple, common sense explanation.

What is the Holy Spirit?

What is Heaven?
There are at least four major strands of thought in the Bible and in Christian tradition contributing to contemporary notions of heaven. We look at each.

What is Hell?
There's a lot of talk about hell on the lips those who believe in it, as well as those who do not. That's surprising, as the topic is mentioned only a very few times in the Bible, and then in ways that suggest the biblical concept is not the one people have in mind when they use the word today.

Can My Pet Be Saved?
Many assume that salvation is for humanity alone whereas there is little in the Bible to support this. On the contrary, the overwhelming view of both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament is that God's purpose is for the reconciliation and repair of the whole creation. All creatures great and small are part of God's plan.

What is Atheism?

What is Sin?
Contrary to popular understanding, sin does not consist of a catalogue of "bad behavior," rather it is a state of being; it is a condition of alienation from God, the ground of our being. Sin involves alienation from other people as well as the world in which we live.

When Does Life Begin?
Is there a biblical view of when life begins? There certainly is, and the answer might surprise you.

What Do Christians Believe?
From the Apostle's Creed to various contemporary statements of faith, Christians have expressed their faith in a variety of ways access two millennium. We take a look at the major creeds and confessions of Christianity.

What is the Church Year?

What are the major seasons and holidays of Christianity?

What is Pentecost?

What is Ash Wednesday?

Does Easter Have Pagan Roots?
And, if so, does it matter?

What Are The Sacraments?

What is Baptism?

What is Holy Communion (the Eucharist)?

Is Marriage a Sacrament?

What Is Pentecostalism?

What is Glossolalia / Speaking in Tongues?

Is the Pope Infallible?

Why Are There Twelve Days of Christmas?

Is Mother's Day a Christian Holiday?

What does the New Testament Say About Freedom?
You might be surprised.

Who is Mahatma Ghandi?

What Are the Top Ten Religions of the World?

Christians: Who Are They; Where Are They?
Let's take a look at the major branches of Christianity ...

And how does Christianity compare to other major world religions:










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